Me in a Nutshell

My Life in a Nutshell

My life has always been complicated, but it has also been lucky because of the people I share it with. I have been a wife and mother for over 30 years. I am a seeker of truth and a passionate reader of so many books I no longer have the storage space to keep them all. My kids are grown now and I am in the 2nd half of my journey through this life and not nearly as full of wisdom as I wanted to be. I have learned a lot in my life, but mostly I’ve learned that I will make mistakes, many mistakes, and that’s ok, as long as I don’t keep making the same ones. If you have read my blog then you know I have a dry sense of humor but I always try for wit. I love music and cooking, but hate housework. I enjoy a passionate debate, but dislike narrow minded people. I love to laugh, but don’t do it often enough. I have traveled all over the U.S. in an RV, but want to travel farther away (Scotland). I hope this website will find an audience, but do not expect it too, yet true to my nature I will continue to write it anyway. I will always try to keep it interesting and relevant.


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6 Responses to Me in a Nutshell

  1. dlflett says:

    Hey 53–thanks for the link–I’ll be linking back. Fun site–can’t wait to learn more from you!

  2. dlflett says:

    Hmm-I must have been on another blogs. That’s weird. Love the stuff you pick up!


  3. wild4words says:

    You do have an audience…. And I may be just one, but I’m out here, reading and nodding my head along with you.

    On better days, I have a bit more humor and sometimes it’s inappropriate. I’m a wife and mother, too… With all the associated strange/wonderful that brings.

  4. Holy Cow what you have done with your theme is amazing! I would love to find out how you learned to do the CSS for all this or if it is part of your job skills! Also a blogger on wordpress, kate

  5. Toni Bazzett says:

    Hello Robin, I am a brand new blogger. I decided after the holidays to find a project, which I have done, growing vegetables in my back garden box. I was simply searching for garden ideas and some how or other I came upon WHO KNEW. I am really enjoying it and hoping to meet with other projectors (is that a word??) who don’t mind getting down and dirty. So, I will now be enjoying your blog as well and trying to come up with interesting and catchy titles such as you have.

    My signature on my blog is AE which is for Antoinette Elizabeth, a nickname an old boyfriend used to call me. Looking forward to blogging with you.


  6. Liz says:

    omgosh!! Toni this is my mom’s blog!

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