I wrote this for ’80 and her husband (one of the three Mikes) when they bought their first house. We were helping them to move and everyone was arguing. I sat in my car for a minute of peace and quiet. These words came to me and while it might not be my best, I think it says it all quiet well.

Walls and plaster, paint and paper

Brick and mortar, stone and rock

Home is much more than these material things.

It is midnight talks and whispered fears

Holding hands in the quietness of the dark

While hopes and dreams are made and lost.

Mowing the lawn and walking the dog

The struggle and juggle of life

When love is there, children’s laughter is sure to follow

Measured in inches on the door frame.

Years and tears, life and loss

Age shows on it as it does on you

But so does that love, like a well worn friend.

Love soaks into the walls and foundation

Time and love, history and experience

This is what makes a house a home.

It warms you and cheers you

It gives you comfort and solace

It records your life inside it’s heart.

Someone once said “you can’t go home again”

They didn’t understand that home is a spirit that is always with you

And those who have it are truly blessed.


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