My Friend of the Backyard Games

Robins Poems

for Peggy

My Friend of the Backyard Games

Long summer nights.

Hot sultry days.

These were the times of the backyard games.

Fireflies in jars,

like capturing a night sky full of stars.

Sounds of red rover and “tag your it”.

Cowboys and Indians, bloodcurdling screams

when the Indians won, as they always did.

Midnight secrets of little girls.

Morning laughter, whispers and winks.

Afternoon thrills at the chicken soup races.

Friendship was born.

Memories created.

Years have gone by but love endures.

Always true, forever loyal, you to me and me to you.

My friend of the backyard games.


2 Responses to My Friend of the Backyard Games

  1. peggy says:

    How sweet and unexpected. Thank you – Peg

  2. swapnap says:

    Hi Robin,
    Enjoyed reading your poem! I think the lines are beautiful especially the fireflies in jars….sky full of stars. Would be happy to come back to read more!

    Have a great week.Read your posts as well :)


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