J.T.E.C. with love

Robins Poems

J.T.E.C. with love

J.T.E.C. With Love

My child… My friend… My nemesis

The love of my life

The ache in my soul

No one else can cut so deep or cause me such sorrow

No one else can make me doubt myself so completely

But no one else can touch my heart with such joy

Moments of such sweetness

Memories of times so cherished

Often overshadowed by despair

We remember it all, good and bad

Though no one remembers it the same

Time has softened the rough edges for some

But magnified the imperfections for others

Dysfunction is a word too often used

While forgiveness is hardly ever heard

Still so much to discover about ourselves and each other

4 times the stubbornness

4 times the disagreements

4 times the hope

4 times the love

My child… My friend… My nemesis.


1 Response to J.T.E.C. with love

  1. KathyB! says:

    Aha! Found some…. love this one, too.

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