Little Girl Of Two….

I wrote this for ’80 when she married

'80 and the pursuit

I have a little girl of two who likes frills and curls and anything pink

“You are sweet” I tell her, “I know Mama” she says

“You are smart and pretty” I say, “I know Mama” she replies.

Because she is only two and cannot truly understand

I say to her ” The sky is green and monkeys live in the ocean”

“Oh I know Mama” she says while rolling her eyes.

I think to myself “how can I teach her”.

This will not do baby girl

The sky is blue not green and monkeys do not live in the ocean

“I know that Mama” she says with a large sigh.

I worry that she will not learn

That wisdom will not grow

I despair of all the things she does not know

I think to myself “how can I teach her”.

Time has passed and she is no longer two

There has been strife between us and life between us

Laughter, love, smiles and hugs

Tears, fears, strength and clash of wills.

But in the end when I say my final farewells

Of the love and pride for the woman she is, my Daughter, my friend

I take comfort in knowing her reply and that this time it is true

“I know Mama” she says, “I have always known”.

-RS (me)

This is mine, copy or reprint it without my permission and I will hunt you down like the dog you are.

There will be lawyers involved!


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