Am I A Mom Blogger…

momship-blonde-girl-lgAm I a Mom blogger? Good question. I am a Mom and I do write a blog so that would make me technically speaking a Mom blogger. But my kids are grown and as much as I love them they no longer do cutsie little things that I can write about…. okay they do but they just won’t let me write about it. I read many blogs written by young Mothers with kids under the age of 10 and I love that they have this outlet to express themselves not only as Mothers but as women. I don’t know if they appreciate this freedom of shared ideas and instant connection that you get from blogging, I envy them. When I was a young Mother there were days I felt isolated and disconnected with the world. My major topics of conversation were about Rose Petal Place and My Little Ponies and did I think it was okay for ’79 to cut ’80’s bangs while ’75 is trying to dunk ’88 head first into the toilet. I was desperate for adult conversation. To have had this blog to write in and be able to share thoughts and ideas with other women that I had things in common with would have been priceless to me. It is fun to read the other mom blogs and be reminded of my own life and laugh about it, but now I have more in common with their Mother’s (same age) because I have been there and done that. So back to the question, am I a Mom blogger. The answer is yes… I am just a senior member of the club.


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9 Responses to Am I A Mom Blogger…

  1. KathyB! says:

    I think you are definitely a mommy blogger! You don’t have to have a kindergartener to enjoy the shared life experiences. I’m just glad you’re here with us :)

  2. ymk says:

    oh yes you are a mom blogger. And I’m glad you came to visit my blog, because its nice to get the perspective of someone who has been there done that. You remind us that we too will survive the craziness :)

  3. Pooba says:

    Ha! Well I’m not a mom blogger yet, but I’m glad there is this support system out there for new moms! God knows I’ll need it!

  4. yea… more mom bloggers out there! I’m a mom blogger. Almost everything I write (other than working on houses) is about my kids. It’s the fun stuff to write about.. they keep you full of stories to tell!

  5. Ink says:

    I’m glad that you’re blogging, too (and I would love to hear more about the Great Toilet Dunk)…

  6. Gibby says:

    I guess I never thought about it that way before, being lucky to have this outlet as my kids drive me nuts. But you are so right.

    And I consider you a mommy blogger! You are the mommy that mommies like me need to hear reassurance from. As in…all is OK!

  7. ck says:

    My mom says that a lot. How lucky we are to now have such a forum for honesty and laughter and venting.

    But what we don’t always have is long-term perspective. Which is why I think it’s great that you’ve joined the club. (And I can only imagine the stories you’re gonna conjure up!)

  8. Yaya says:

    LOL to ‘senior member’!! :)

  9. faemom says:

    It’s so nice to have an outlet and learn what other moms are doing. I figure I only have time to make so many mistakes; it would be nice to not redo other people’s. So what was that about toilet dunking and bang cutting? Oh, I also think you can totally write about your kids’ “cute things.” Isn’t it a mom’s privilege to embarrass her kids?

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