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A Loss In Our Family….

We lost Jazz the other day. My daughter ’80’s teacup yorkey. She was nearly 15 and it was simply her time to go. She was greatly loved and very spoiled by all who knew her. She was a perpetual puppy … Continue reading

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Women’s Equality Day or National Dog Day….

Interesting that it’s Women’s Equality Day today but it’s also National Dog Day too……hmm…. I wonder who thought this up! I love my dogs and I’m thankful for them everyday.. but women marched, fought, were jailed, were beaten, were forcibly … Continue reading

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The Great And Powerful Mechanical Contrivium…

Originally posted on passions and soapboxes:
I was reading The World According to Me, Kathy B’s blog yesterday and she had already done this and it was so funny of course I had to do it too. Kathy B. says…

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I Remember That Day….

A new theory I saw on a TV program about who shot JFK just floored me, but it is probably the truth. It certainly is crazy enough to be what happened and it would explain the cover up feeling to … Continue reading

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