Video Wednesday: Girl With a Unique Talent…

As a Mom I have to wonder where did she learn this and does her mom know she does it. I do know it is not an easy thing to learn and takes an incredible amount of skill to beat box at this level. It’s not a sport and it’s not what I would call music but it is definitely a talent. I hope she can find a way to make all the time she must spend practicing pay off in the end. Maybe they have a college team somewhere. She is an amazing young woman with a unique talent. Enjoy the video…. R.

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6 Responses to Video Wednesday: Girl With a Unique Talent…

  1. This is amazing! Does your daughter walk around the house practicing all of the time? I can barely whistle.

    A very unique talent, like you said.


  2. scrappysue says:

    AMAZING!!! very impressive. my 17 y/o is a bit of a beat boxer too – i’m going to show her this!

  3. KathyB! says:

    This is amazing! It’s mind-boggling the talents that people cultivate…

    And why are your blog updates not showing up for me?! I popped over to see if you were okay and see that you’re quite fine… I’m just not seeing that you’ve posted. I have some catch-up to do…

  4. Kyleigh Archer says:


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