Odd Rooms With A View…

trailer towers

What were they thinking! I saw this picture and had to wonder why in the world did someone do this. Did he have a few extra trailers lying around and thought if you build it they will come. You have to admit, as homes go, it is a pretty unique place to live. The more you look at this picture the more you notice, like the little greenhouse on the right or the windmill on the left. Are there families in each trailer or is it just one family and the trailers are the different rooms of “the house”. Is there a special story behind each trailer, if so what are they? Maybe it is a motel instead and the top trailer is the penthouse. I like that it is eclectic and odd, in fact it might even be art. It sparks the imagination and does make one wonder.


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9 Responses to Odd Rooms With A View…

  1. spamwarrior says:

    I think that’s amazing. I’d like to live there, haha.

  2. ink says:

    That is really interesting and creative. Where is it?

    Is the one on the very tip top the “penthouse”? (It looks almost like it’s propped into the tree, eek!)

  3. KathyB! says:

    You do have to wonder “why”, but at the same time… look at that! Sure, it’s a hot mess, but on the other hand it’s quite the feat of engineering.

  4. Elisa says:

    That’s hilarious!! They did combine the colors nicely though ;-)

  5. zelzee says:

    That’s what I noticed………..the colors! Actually I would like a photograph of that framed and hang it somewhere in my house.

    Yes, I am nuts……………………

  6. faemom says:

    I’m fascinated.

  7. maqdiraliya says:

    no view like that here..nice pict

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