Update with a side of Delusional…

sickpuppy-600x319-main_FullHi, I’m still trying to get better but it is taking longer than I thought. I just don’t seem to bounce back as quickly now that I am old older not young. Oh well at least I still have my sense of humor. I came across the picture below and the big question is not what is it or why some one would need it, although those are good questions, but how do they collect it and bottle it. The thought of big bad hunters trying to collect a urine sample from a pissed off deer has had me giggling all day so I decided to share it with you. Maybe it’s the medicine talking but the image of grown men trying to talk a deer into pissing in a bottle is hilarious, go ahead…. picture it…. you know you want to. How would that conversation go I wonder. Ha Ha.

oa1027I think this falls under What Were They Thinking!


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4 Responses to Update with a side of Delusional…

  1. spamwarrior says:

    LOL!! What were they thinking indeed? What do they use those for?

    Re: your comment: it actually was Miley, Twitter has a verified account feature where they verify whether it’s a real celeb or not. But even if it hadn’t been Miley it would have been ridiculous anyway.

  2. zelzee says:

    And deer are supposed to be attracted to this?????

  3. faemom says:

    LOL This is almost as good as coyote urine. At least deer aren’t aggressive. Ok, not usually.

  4. Yaya says:

    Lol! That is a good question!

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