Too Many Books Not Enough Space….

I have said before that I read a lot and that I have too many books. I have said that one of the reasons I loved my kindle (George) is the storage capacity of 1500 books. I have talked about having no place to put all my books even though I donate to the local Women’s shelter regularly. I keep certain books because I re-read them more than once. I’m a little scared to show you how out of hand it has gotten but it is funny and it is my life. Now remember I have 4 bookcases full of books as well. These are not magazines or tv guides or trash, I do not have OCD. I just have a storage problem or I read too much, one or the other. Bet you are shocked, huh.


This is in the little toilet cubicle of my bathroom. They are stacked floor to ceiling. I keep thinning it with donations but it is out of control. I wish there was a used bookstore near by where I could sell them, but there isn’t. I read everything from science fiction to history, from mystery’s to (shh!) romance. I like vampire novels and adventure novels. I love classics like Jane Eyre but enjoy finding new authors like Julie Kenner just as much. They are old friends like Jack Chalker and Michael Chrichton, but they are  still taking up too much space.


This is a corner in my bedroom and the stack goes higher than what you see. “Shut up, I told you I am not OCD” This is just my paperbacks. I have hardbacks too, I’m just not showing you the pictures. This is also only a few years worth not a lifetime. I have never counted them because my eyes would roll back in my head from the shock. Now you know why I am in love with my kindle George, he is going to solve my problems and get rid of this mess. There is nothing like the experience of a book, the smell of it, the feel of the paper, the sound of turning the pages, but as you can see there is a lot to be said for 1500 books in an itty bitty storage space. I said I read a lot and I don’t lie so now you know. God Bless George and give me the strength to get rid of all most some of them a few a couple no, I have to be strong and get rid of half, yes half, (I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth just now). Wish me luck.

FYI: I have every Thomas Burnett Swann book I could find and afford. They are staying and I will never give them up. Each one is a treasure and one in particular made me cry the day it arrived but that’s  for another post.


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11 Responses to Too Many Books Not Enough Space….

  1. Kim says:

    Wow, that is a lot of books. My husband is that way with movies. Luckily they are very thin and can be kept in CD/DVD books.

    If you want to get rid of them, maybe think about selling them on e-bay. Good luck. I know it can be hard to get rid of something that means so much to you.


  2. Evenshine says:

    NONONONO…getting rid of books is a mortal sin, I think (not that I’m Catholic or anything). Get some shelves and make yourself a library. Intersperse the books with fascinating treasures from your life and travels. Use them as coasters if you must, but don’t get rid of them.

    (OK, if you absolutely have to, have a book sale and donate the proceeds to charity).


  3. Gibby says:

    OK, I have a lot of books, but not that many! Love those pics!!! I hate to get rid of books, too, but sometimes I just have to. Hubs takes the train to work and they have a book rack you can donate to at the station, which we have done. We have also donated to our library, which then sells the books and all proceeds go to the library, and since we are there all the time, it sort of makes me feel ok about getting rid of some. My daughter’s Brownie troop collected books for the soldiers, as well.

    But I get it. It’s hard to let them go!

  4. Ink says:

    I feel your pain. Had to do some thinning myself this summer…took a bunch to the office (though am running out of room there, too, eek). Took some to the used book store (and traded for others but am going to take them back when read). Donated a ton. Then (and here’s a thought for you): sold some on ebay (group them by genre, set up the auction, then mail them in one of the post office’s flat rate boxes, which cost approx. $10 but the seller pays that). It was hard to see them go but it really is nice to have some space back.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  5. Ink says:

    I said that wrong: the BUYER pays for postage and if you use the flat rate box, you can tell ahead of time how many to put in one auction because it’s how many will fit into that box. :)

  6. ck says:

    You can do it! Just imagine the free space! (Says the girl who’s great at throwing out other people’s stuff…)

  7. spamwarrior says:

    That’s a lot of books!

    I feel your pain.

  8. Yaya says:

    Oh. My. Gosh…..

    PS ‘George’ haha!

  9. \'75 says:


    If you have not read it in five years it has to go. That should be your rule. You have basically 2 options with the million books….you can donate to the library, get a huge right off, and you can even go visit them and check them out for free! Or sell on eBay for some decent money to feed George!

  10. '75 says:

    Have you thought about maybe a party where everyone brings all their books and trade, so you go home with something new and then donate to ucla to their cancer dept…. so when women are going through chimo they have something fun to read instead of those stupid old magazines, or your pain center like ” cedars sinai”…………..

  11. tjhalim says:

    wow..what a superb life! Being bookworms is just too nice…
    i like to buy book…but rarely finish read of it…uhhhh
    i hope that i get the spirit of reading like yours..

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