Summer Camp Grease Style….

grease 1

This one time at Band Camp Triple Threat Camp, doesn’t quiet have the same ring does it? This is the summer camp that K went to at the center where she performs. They did Grease with only 2 weeks of rehearsal and guess what….. it wasn’t bad. In fact it was pretty good. As you can see the kids are all ages, the littlest is only 5 I think. This is such a good thing for the community, the kids and the parents. They are given their chance to shine and who doesn’t need that.

The Cast


K was Frenchy and she got the quirky little voice down pat, good job K.


K says they are definitely doing Psycho this fall and she is working on her Norman Bates. Hey if Danny Zucco can be played by a girl so can Norman. In the meantime they are in rehearsals for Hairspray and K is playing Velma Von Tussle. She has a solo called Miss Baltimore Crabs.


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5 Responses to Summer Camp Grease Style….

  1. KathyB! says:

    How wonderful! She sounds like a very talented young lady.

    I’m going to have to goggle Miss Baltimore Crabs. You’ve got me curious!

  2. Ink says:

    That looks so sweet! How fun for them.

    I LOVE Grease.

  3. Gibby says:

    OMG, that looks like so much fun!

  4. jyjiggy4jc says:

    I love it! Grease is one of my favorites and Hairspray…color me jealous!

  5. Yaya says:

    How cute! I used to do youth theater each summer growing up and it was so fun.

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