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Well this past Friday and Saturday were K’s performances of Hairspray. She plays Velma Von Tussle, the Michelle Pfeiffer role in the movie. She had a solo song, Miss Baltimore Crabs. This was a good show and there were several standout songs. There is only one drawback and you will hear it in the video. The drawback is shoes, high heels on a wooden floor. The noise was loud and distracting. Click clack, click clack all night long. You don’t get to see it in the video but at one point in the play K had to faint and she dropped like a rock on this hard floor, scared me to death because I was sure she had hit her head. She is a trooper but as her grandmother I hope she doesn’t have to do that too often. They announced that the next show would be The Nightmare Before Christmas and that tryouts would start Sept. 3. I know K is hoping to get the part of Jack. Good Luck or break a leg K.

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pink dressThe pink dress


There is that 10,000 watt smile


The cast

IMG_1893Second night cast photo


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8 Responses to Hairspray….

  1. That is a radiant smile! And owwwww! It would really hurt to hit that floor!

    Wishing her luck on her next audition!

  2. ymk says:

    I like those shoes, though. Very pretty, but nothing compared to that smile.

  3. ymk says:

    Also, thanks for the advice on kids over at my blog. I appreciate it, and have been working on it :)

  4. faemom says:

    She did a wonderful job. I’m amazed how much they get done in such little time. It seems like she was in a play just a month ago. I’m sure she’ll get Jack. ;-)
    (P.S. Those shoes are annoying. I’m surprised the director didn’t catch that.)

  5. ck says:

    You have some seriously talented people in your family!

  6. KathyB! says:

    Look at that smile on her face. She is literally glowing with accomplishment. She’s beautiful :)

  7. '75 says:

    Had no choice about the shoes….we has some really great brown ones and a completely different suit for her to wear, then at the last minute they made her the bright orange looking thing with white and trying to find anything white right now is horrendous at best due to the time of year…those shoes are actually are from the bridal section of the store. I thought in a pinch they were pretty good even for the 60’s theme.

  8. 80 says:

    I still cant believe she said ” but I screwed the judges”!!!!!!!!!

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