Two Peas In A Pod….


This is one of the wedding photos for my daughter 79’s wedding. She just had her first anniversary and says it still feels like a honeymoon. Oddly enough so does her sister ’80 who just had her 3rd anniversary.  I remember my first anniversary and I have to tell you that first year of marriage was one of the hardest. We were too young, just 18 and too stupid to listen to anyone even each other. I am so glad they are not.

It’s funny how they do things together. They were born 11 months apart and if you take ’79s birthday and time of birth (13th at 3:13) then double it you get ’80s birthday and time of birth (26th at 6:26). I am not a numerologist but I wonder if that means anything. They shared a room growing up, one liked pink, one liked purple. They were the tag team in the house getting into trouble together.  In truth they out numbered me. When they were little most people thought they were twins and in a way they were. Some days it seemed they had their own language that the rest of us couldn’t follow. They have a bond that no amount of time, distance or disputes can change.

But their weddings couldn’t have been more different. 79’s was glamour and art deco. 80’s was on the beach and informal. Both had kicking music and food. Both were a lot of fun. Both married the right guy. ’79 gave ’80 her grandmother’s ring as her something borrowed. ’80 gave ’79 her veil as her something borrowed.  One had a traditional Jewish ceremony and the other had a non-traditional christian, Jewish, Filipino ceremony. These girls are so much alike in many ways and yet they are also as different as their weddings were, with only the veil remaining the same. Sisters in life, twins in heart, two peas in a pod.

'79 glam shot

'80 and legs

girls with curls

the veil

'79 and M under hoopa’79 made the Chuppah herself. She designed it and had the design airbrushed. It is the first of many family heirlooms.

the kiss

Mike and his family designed and built this Chuppah the day of the wedding.

'79 and '80 Big Bird at 3 and Snoopy at 2. Two little peas, it seems like only yesterday.


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10 Responses to Two Peas In A Pod….

  1. ck says:

    What gorgeous photographs! And what a great story. I truly hope my girls have a relationship like that.

  2. ymk says:

    Your daughters are gorgeous.
    My two little sisters have that relationship with each other. They are one year apart, and almost 10 years younger than me. I sometimes feel a bit jealous :)
    But I hope my daughters have a relationship like yours.

  3. faemom says:

    That was a beautiful post. I love the pictures. It’s so wonderful to hear stories like that.

  4. 79 says:

    One of my most treasured relationships is with my sis 80… She is a part of my heart and I know we will always be close. Thanks Mom!


  5. 80 says:

    very nicely written mom. We are still two peas in a pod

  6. What gorgeous girls (and photos)! I love that they are so different and yet so connected. Wonderful.

  7. What a beautiful tribute to your girls! And beautiful pictures to illustrate your memories. I don’t know anything about numerology, either. But I’m curious if you find out anything about their “connection.”

  8. LisaF says:

    What stunning bridal photos!

    My two daughters were both born on the 23rd day (March and December. Plus, our Golden Retriever was born on August 23rd. College Student calls him her “little brother.”

    Kinda creepy when you think about it.

  9. Gibby says:

    Those pictures are AMAZING. For some reason, the last one brought tears to my eyes…yes, the Halloween one, not the wedding pics!

  10. 80 says:

    My friend Toni is starting a bog and I told her to red yours. Maybe you could give her pointers? She will comment Jazzygranny…lol

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