Photo Friday: The Girl Of His Dreams….

hand in hand with B.

B’s walk down the aisle was not planned until the morning of the wedding. This was a year ago and he is barely 4. We thought he wouldn’t want to do it. Then he got a look at the flower girl, grabbed her hand and off he went. He sat next to her the whole wedding with a big goofy grin on his face. She on the other hand was not to sure about this “boy”.

B holding hands


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10 Responses to Photo Friday: The Girl Of His Dreams….

  1. ymk says:

    They are adorable! The flower girl’s ‘not-too-sure-about-this-boy’ look is priceless.

  2. ck says:

    So cute! What adorable photographs. Especially that top one.

  3. These shots are fantastic! I especially love the first one. Great pictures and sweet little story to go with them.

  4. KathyB! says:

    How sweet! I love little kids in weddings :)

  5. mbowman7 says:


  6. deb says:

    So cute!! Priceless photos, thanks for sharing!
    Also thank you for stopping by, much appreciated :~)

  7. kathryn says:

    Aren’t they just so lovely!!!

  8. I’m not sure which photo I love more, the perfect one at the top or the dubious look/huge grin in the second. So adorable!

  9. Yaya says:

    Oh my gosh, so cute!

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