Ghost’s Of Halloweens Past….

It is almost Halloween which happens to be my favorite holiday. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for this day. I spent all year planning my costume. They were all handmade because I don’t think they had the pre-made boxed costumes yet. We also got full sized candy bars, caramel apples and popcorn balls. You knew your neighbors and trusted them. When I became a Mom I was so excited that I could share this experience with my kids. We would plan the decorations and shop for costumes a month in advance. I also made my kids costumes even though I don’t sew…. glue gun baby! I can stitch a seam with my glue gun that would make Heidi Klum proud. Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, ladybug, evil tooth fairy or murdered prom queen. If I couldn’t glue it then we bought it in thrift stores. You would be amazed what you can get for $5.00 at a thrift store.

We had props and fog machines, 5 of them with timers to use in the yard. We recycled our spider webbing every year so there was plenty of that. Ghouls and giant spiders, head ripping corpses and singing brides, we had it all. And it certainly doesn’t hurt if your husband is an award wining sound editor. When you are greeted by a 7 ft. ghoul with a bloody beating heart in its hand and the beating sound is coming from the heart, lets just say impressive. He would also record voices and split the tracks out to different parts of the yard. Of course there was the usual bone breaking, screaming, howling, crunching, creaky sounds too. All the kids looked forward to coming to our house for Halloween every year. It was much too intense for the smaller kids so I would meet them at the curb to give them candy. But when they got old enough they would come up the walk and look at me with the biggest smile and tell me trick or treat with such pride that they finally made it. I realized that it had become a rite of passage for these kids. It was a lot of work to get it all up by the time trick or treating started and then take it all down at the end of the night. But it was so worth the effort.

Now my kids are grown and have their own homes to decorate and it really is too much work for just ’73 and I to do it alone, so we stopped. Most of the neighborhood kids were teenagers and I didn’t think anyone would miss it. But then they started asking me what we were going to do this year and the looks on their faces when I told them that we were not doing it was so sad. I miss it, especially the excitement of the family working together to create the best Halloween ever. This is just one of those things you give up when you get older and your kids are grown, I guess. I still love Halloween but now it makes me a little melancholy because that time in our lives is over and I wish it were different.


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11 Responses to Ghost’s Of Halloweens Past….

  1. Evenshine says:

    I say go for it…you only live once, and making the kids/teens happy and nostalgic is totally worth it. And post pics!!

  2. katewarren says:

    I never got the Halloween bug – not even being married to a Canadian has changed that (when he goes on about how much he loved Halloween as a kid) – just roll on Christmas for me!! Kathryn ps ‘Life in Italy’ is no more :((

  3. Gibby says:

    Oh come on! If I can dress up, you can do your house! Do it, it’ll make you so happy!

  4. insider53 says:

    Gibby and Evenshine: You have to understand how big this was. With all 6 of us it took 4 hours to set up and as each child moved out it took longer and longer. With just me and ’73 it would take 6 hours or more to just set it up and at least half that time to take it down and store it that same night. I could do less but what would be the point of that. Besides I am too old to be shinning up trees and climbing on the roof. :D

  5. 79 says:

    A lot of work went into scaring the crap out of the neighborhood kids. We were in the paper each year and it was so much fun. 80 and I always had the best costumes at school and you were the best Halloween mom ever! Few other moms took joy in covering their children with fake blood and sponge bits to look like pieces of brain for “realism”… I miss those days too!

  6. mbowman7 says:

    I love halloween too. However we moved to a small town a couple of years ago and not many people around here celebrate it. So I miss it too.

  7. ck says:

    I really appreciate your perspective, Robin. Your posts always make me pause, look at my girls and stop taking this time in life for granted. Thank you.

    (And please post pics if you and ’79 get to Halloween and decide that you can’t help yourselves and just have to decorate!)

  8. We have neighbors who go ALL out for Halloween and Miss D and Miss M are so, so jealous. I have a few ceramic pumpkins and one moth-eaten bat and that’s about it.

    Your kids will always remember your efforts, though, I guarantee.

  9. Yaya says:

    I don’t do Halloween decorations. Maybe that will change once there are kids in the house.

  10. LisaF says:

    You’ve inspired me to write an entry about the holiday. I, too, loved Halloween when the kids were smaller, but that feeling faded as they grew up and out. Now that Peanut is older, we will do something special this year! Army Wife already has HER costume ready (I think it’s Alice in Wonderland) …Peanut will be the Cheshire Cat.

  11. faemom says:

    I love Halloween. We used to throw a big bash every year. But when Sean was a baby, there was an incident, and I realized that I didn’t want to babysit drunk adults and their children, so we stopped. But I miss it. I had some awesome foods.

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