Foto Friday: Down The Rabbit Hole…

Well I went to the midnight show of “Alice in Wonderland” The movie was a lush 3D look at Tim Burton’s take on the story of Alice and it was very good. I imagine if you could peer into Mr. Burton’s mind it would be a little like falling down the rabbit hole in this movie. But more interesting than the film was the fans in line, die-hard Alice fans. I took a few photos with my phone so you can see what I mean. I have been to many midnight shows over the years and it is always a remarkable experience. I think I am getting to old for this though because I am so tired this morning and my body aches in all the wrong places. A few questions before I go. What is wrong with beach balls? Why do movie ushers hate them so much? Is it really necessary to do violence to the poor ball? Isn’t confiscating it enough? A moment of silence for the poor beach balls, destroyed, popped and mutilated before their time. Awwww!!!

K waiting in line and plugged into her ipod as always

Friends of ’88’s

K and her Alice grin. She has been waiting 2 years for this movie and was so excited to be at the midnight show.


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6 Responses to Foto Friday: Down The Rabbit Hole…

  1. Gibby says:

    So glad to see you back!
    Love the pics, I love it when fans go all-out for a movie!

  2. LisaF says:

    I’m torn whether to go see it or not. Not usually a Tim Burton fan. I didn’t see you in the photos…did you dress the part? ;-)

    BTW: love your background! And that I had a notice in my reader of your post! You’ve been missed.

  3. ck says:

    Welcome back! Great new layout.

    (And I love the photos. I think I need to go to a midnight movie, and fast. The last time I saw people dressed up at a movie was the Princess and the Frog…and that doesn’t count.)

  4. Syma K. says:

    Now I want to dress up for a movie, but I think I am too old for that. Maybe if they make a Wuthering Heights remake.

  5. faemom says:

    I like the layout too!
    And I think you go to more midnight showing than I ever have. You got stamina, baby!

  6. Jane says:

    That last photo says it all! I took my daughter to a midnight showing of Harry Potter – totally worth the aches and pains the next day. (and now my moment of silence for the beach balls —– :)

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