Friday Soapbox: Oxymoron Or Just Morons….

Are they serious!

( Yes, I know it’s only Thursday…..April Fool! ) :D


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6 Responses to Friday Soapbox: Oxymoron Or Just Morons….

  1. thehappypebble says:

    Like it but – Friday Soapbox on a Thursday?

    Answer – April Fool! You thought you had missed a day didn’t you.

  2. LisaF says:

    I had to remember whether you were in Europe or the US! Unless one is a size 1-3-5-7, one should pass on the “skinny” jeans. However, if you are a size 10 and up, and 7 foot tall, go for it!

  3. faemom says:

    Skinny jeans were meant for skinny teenage girls who have yet to grow those sexy womanly curves we all have.

  4. Bonnie Scruggs says:

    Nonchee and I love your site.

  5. zohrbak says:

    Skinny jeans are the devil. My twelve year old daughter keeps asking me…”Are those skinny jeans?!” I say, yes, they are, because they are your jeans and you are skinny. the end. lol

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