Poppies Poppies Poppies….

I said the other day I was going to the poppy reserve to take pictures and I did. Because of all the rain we have had it is a spectacular year for the poppies. They cover the rolling hills and meadows of the Antelope Valley where I live. Of course the down side to all this is the traffic. Drivers block the narrow roads in an effort to admire the dainty flowers. But it is more than worth any hassle they might present.


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6 Responses to Poppies Poppies Poppies….

  1. that poppy reserve looks incredible

  2. Jane says:

    How absolutely stunning and gorgeous! (The poppies and your granddaughter!) The traffic? Stunning, but not pretty at all. Yuck!

  3. ck says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous photographs! wow. what a view.

  4. Gibby says:

    OMG! It almost doesn’t even look real! Stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  5. LisaF says:

    I’ve never seen a poppy field. It’s gorgeous. Looks like yellow dust over the ground. And such a cute pic of your granddaughter too.

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