Friday Soapbox: Pollen Pollen Everywhere….

See this tree. It is a beautiful tree and it sits in my front yard. I love the leaves and the rustling sound they make when the wind blows…..which is everyday. The sunlight filters through the leaves as though by heavenly design. I love this tree……except in May. In May I do not love this tree and this is why.

This tree has these little seed pods and every May they explode. The wind blows all this fluff around and it piles up everywhere. At first it’s pretty… like snow, but then my allergies kick in and suddenly it’s not pretty at all. Stop it! Stop it now. Darn tree.

What a mess….


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7 Responses to Friday Soapbox: Pollen Pollen Everywhere….

  1. Gibby says:

    Is this a cotton tree? Our neighbor has one and where do you think the wind blows all that stuff. Our yard. I swear, some days it looks like it has snowed. Our cotton should be coming in a few weeks. Sigh…

  2. faemom says:

    Allergies suck.

  3. 79 says:

    I love this tree. It always helped me sleep a little better… in the spring and summer months, the soft duet of the wind and leaves was always like a song that would eb and flow through the day and night. In the fall, the soft brushed “wooshhhh” of the warm weather would crisp to a more seco, staccato tune, reminding me that the cold was just around the corner. The winter tree was a bit more quite in it’s naked solitutde. This seasonal music was always playing, comforting and familiar, like a dance or conversation between two old friends… I love this tree… I miss this tree!

  4. Uh…79? I think the pregnancy is getting to you….lol

  5. '75 says:

    Everyone knows it’s a “fur” tree. If you do not call it that, I know a little 6 year old who will correct you.

  6. Hi! Just stopping by from Tuesday Toot. You have a beautiful yard!

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