Father’s Day Regrets….

I wish I could write a post about my Father. I wish I could tell you all about him. That I could say what a great Dad he was and about all the things he taught me. I wish I could … but I can’t. You see I didn’t really know him. Oh I knew who he was and I often spent time with him, but if I were to describe him I would say…he was tall…he had false teeth that he kept in a cup when he ate, even in a restaurant. He liked the circus and the rodeo and boat shows. He was around 60 years of age when I was born. My parents divorced right before I was born. He rarely spoke to me and never about anything personal. He served in two World Wars. He was born right before the turn of the 20th century. My Mom was only 16 when she married him. He had 2 children older than her. You see, a few facts and that’s all. I have no idea what his favorite color was or his favorite food. I don’t even know if he loved me. Frankly he didn’t have much use for daughters. He was a man of his generation I guess. But I still wish he had let me know him so at the very least I could miss him, instead of missing the idea of him.


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2 Responses to Father’s Day Regrets….

  1. Agnes S. says:

    I usually read a person’s blog before I follow through Blog Frog…and when I checked yours I found we had some things in common….being a stay at home mom, and also a grandma..they are my greatest joy too. I also like to read…..please check out my blog (www.beaderbubbe.blogspot.com) and I hope you will follow me too….I related to your blog about your dad…..I too didnt know mine that well or at least I thought I did, but that’s a long story….I like to blog about happy things. I hope you will enjoy reading it….have a great weekend.

  2. Jane says:

    Wow. Such a powerful post. We all have our own regrets/losses/journey. Thanks for sharing yours.

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