What are they thinking…..

Members of Sag picket for fair wages

Members of Sag picket for fair wages

I read an article on Reuters this morning about the actors labor talks failing again. Their talks with the producers have failed so far and now the talks with the advertisers on a commercial contract has also broken down. Once again the actors union leaders are threatening to call for a strike vote. What are they thinking to do such a thing in this economy. We still haven’t recovered from the writers strike enough to weather an actors strike. Everyone wants more money and better hours and a better health plan, well guess what you can’t have it. You shouldn’t be asked to give up anything either, instead the contracts should remain the same for at least now. Too many lives would be impacted by a strike and when that strike was over their homes and livelihoods would still be gone, unrecoverable. The actors unions are not going to bail me out when I can’t pay my mortgage because there is no post production work. I am not an actor but my life is tied to theirs through an industry paycheck. Their strike would unemploy  thousands of people who are not actors. A strike vote at this time would be a selfish act, look around you the next time you are working and see the people you work with. How are you going to feel when this is over and you go back to work knowing that the guy who does your makeup, or the guy who handles your key light, or the guy who brings you your coffee has lost everything because of you. To the producers I say, remember we are your consumers and if we don’t buy your products or see your movies, or buy the dvds because we can’t afford to due to a strike you caused, it will impact your bottom line…..profit. Is that extra money really going to ease your conscience.



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