California town to spray-paint lawn bald spots….


I was so shocked by this article on the Associated Press news site,  I was almost speechless. I’m sure the good people of Perris, California could think of a better way to spend $2 million dollars than on painting the lawns green. Who is the mayor, the Queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Maybe they could use the money to save a few teachers jobs or to improve the lives of a few senior citizens in their community on fixed incomes instead of painting the roses red.

California town to spray-paint lawn bald spots

PERRIS, Calif. (AP) — A town is going green to
combat foreclosure blight: A contractor has been hired to spray-paint
lawn bald spots. Perris spokesman Joe Vargo said contractor Dave
Milligan uses an environmentally friendly dye that lasts up to six
months and is harmless to people and pets. The city hopes the
foreclosed properties are purchased and occupied before the lawn needs
a touchup.

It costs about $550 to spray-paint
a lawn. The city, some 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles, has set aside
$2 million in an effort to stabilize foreclosure-fraught neighborhoods.

Information from: The Press-Enterprise,


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