Superpoke Pets II…

Hi! my name is Chuck

Hi! my name is Chuck

This is Chuck and he belongs to me. I know they are a silly and useless waste of your time, but they’re fun!  Lord knows there is not enough fun in our daily lives; just watch the news and it will suck the fun right out of your day. With all the drama going on in a world that seems to be spinning more and more out of control, it is nice to be able to control one tiny part of it, even if it is silly. ™ Slide Inc. has created a virtual world where I can earn coins (that make a pleasant ka-ching noise) and buy things to my hearts content while playing with cute little Chuck. You can either purchase gold which supports the program or use the  free coins (I use the free coins) There are forums and friends to play with by the thousands and how much time you spend playing with your pet and rearranging his world is up to you. You can send him to foreign lands, dress him in funny hats or have a day at the beach simply by changing his habitat. This is a cool way to de-stress when you’ve had a hard day. For now you can find your pet on facebook, myspace, or itunes. So for all of my fellow control freaks grab a virtual pet and relax, it’s all under control………… your control.       mu-wa-ha ha ha!


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