Simply Paste it into your Hypertext…..

Hypertext is written in fibanachi code

"Hypertext is not written in Fibonacci code" I swear

Long nights begin with these words because it is never quiet that simple, I wish it were then maybe my head wouldn’t spin like a Linda Blair wanna be when I hear them. Word Press is a great host with plenty of ways to get help (shout out! to the forum people, you are great) but searching them out takes so long for me (because of the computer illiteracy thing) that by the time I take a break my body feels like it”s been on a death march through the Sahara desert, parched and weak. I never seem to “get” how to do it right away so when I look up and realize I have been sitting at my computer screen for 4 hours trying to figure out why I can’t PASTE A HYPERTEXT… CODE INTO… MY PAGE TO GET AN  “ADD ME” BUTTON …..wait… calm down… take a breath…’s all good. I’m beginning to think I’m a little obsessive about this blog. Well I hope you enjoy the convenience of the buttons and show your appreciation of all the time it cost me, not to mention the lack of moisture, by using them (notice I said them, there are 3 yea me! go robin!). I need some water….

(wanna know about Fibonacci code)


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