Zoey The Big Pink Chicken…


I would like to introduce you to Zoey. He is a 6 year old Molluccan Cockatoo and my resident toddler.  When my daughter ’80 was teaching grade school we would take Zoey for a visit to her class and all the kids thought he was a “Big Pink Chicken”….hence the title. In the wild, Molluccans can live up to 80 years and they have the intelligence and attitude of a 2 to 5 year old. Let me repeat that for you…I live with something capable of having the terrible two’s for 80 years. Zoey will outlive me so kids prepare yourself…. your in for a bumpy ride in about 20 years. Why do I say he’s a toddler….. well let me tell you.

1) Zoey likes to cuddle…he is a little love sponge and makes me laugh. He is a clown and likes looking at the world from any position except right side up.

2) Zoey has a limited vocabulary. He says in a small childlike voice..hello and hi. He also mumbles under his breath….I don’t know what yet, but I hope it is not swear words.

3) Zoey plays with his food and throws it on occasion to the floor or at a handy person who happens to be walking by. He also eats with his feet like many toddlers out there….come on admit it…Cheerios.

4) Zoey likes to sing (more like squawking at 2000 decibles) and dance. His favorite music is Trance and Drum and Bass (what my son listens to 24/7).

5) Zoey can be sweet one minute and then in the next minute he gets an attitude and becomes uncooprative. He will even have a tantrum….how do you reason with a Cockatoo…. you can’t… anymore than you can with a toddler.

6) Zoey gets time outs when he can’t behave and sulks in his cage room like any 2 year old.

7)  Zoey has a bedtime and likes to be tucked in but if you let him stay up late he gets grumpy. If you turn on the light or talk too loud and wake him up….Zoey starts complaining and yelling at you. Okay that ones more like me.

8) Zoey likes Cheerios and Zwieback toast for snack time.

9) Zoey is bright and inquisitive. He likes to play with toys he finds…like envelopes and soda straws or the grandkid’s sippy cups instead of manufactured bird toys.

10) Zoey loves his mommy and thinks she is the bestest mommy in the whole world. See, I told you…. just like a toddler.

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6 Responses to Zoey The Big Pink Chicken…

  1. KathyB! says:

    This is so sweet! And what an adorable little toddler you have. I’ve always wanted a parrot. We had a grey-cheek growing up, but as an adult I’ve always been intimidated by their lifespan. I hope you’ll share more :)

  2. He’s very cute. I use to have a pet Dove & he was really cool.

  3. Ink says:

    He’s really cool. Loved the description!

  4. Zeemaid says:

    *LOL* How apt. I once lived with a family who had a parrot for a pet. He shriek out the daughter’s name at the top of his lungs until she’d come downstairs. Then he’d try to nip at her if she got too close. Let’s just say they had a love/hate relationship.

    Thanks for stopping by my page today and your comment. I love those! :)

  5. '79 says:

    I love Zoey, he is one of my favorites despite the fact that he does occasionally hurt my very large and sensitive ears. He is very charming, likes to cuddle and be the center of attention. He also has a strange attraction to my hair… Always wants to grab it, preen it and yell while he’s doing it. I hope to hear more about C.C… (my other favorite)

  6. sunnymom says:

    I am kind of lurking and loving the posts so far. My dog is a puggle and sounds a lot like that. She is almost 3 yrs old and still acts like alittle kid doing things she is not suppose to do when I leave the room, like getting up on the couch. She even runs and hides from things when no one is looking but acts all tough if you are in the same room with her. Good luck!!!

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