Video Wednesday: Singing parrot…

Is it Wednesday already, it must be because here is this weeks video and before you ask NO it is not my bird. It is a clever double yellow headed Amazon who just likes to talk and sing. Enjoy and feel free to laugh out loud…. R

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2 Responses to Video Wednesday: Singing parrot…

  1. KathyB! says:

    OMG, that bird! I’m hoping he’s only that vocal when he’s in front of the mirror like that. Our little gray-cheeked parrot didn’t mimic but he loved to talk to himself. We had to put a sheet over the patio door because at 5 am he could see his reflection in the windo and would start talking, LOUDLY, to himself. It’s cute at 5pm. At 5 am? Not so much.

  2. zelzee says:

    Well, you would never be lonely with him around!

    He should be entered in a karaoke contest. He’s a winner!

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