Before And After…

I was babysitting my grandchildren yesterday and I am exhausted. What ever happened to all that energy I use to have. I raised 4 kids for God’s sake and it was go go go all the time. I taught ’04 ring around the rosie and my “we all fall down” doesn’t fall down anymore, let alone get back up. I played V Tech games with him and we talked. See not that much at all but I feel as if I tried to do something strenuous. I always enjoy my time with both of them and I may be partial when I say they are brilliant and funny, but they are so I don’t care how it sounds. I treasure every moment, even the moment when I realize I can’t get up off the floor.

This is how I felt before I left.


This is how I felt after I got home.


I need an Ensure or Geritol or a face lift, at the very least some lipstick please… gulp!


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6 Responses to Before And After…

  1. Evenshine says:

    I just snorted latte all over the Language Lab computers. Thanks. I needed that!

  2. spamwarrior says:

    LOL! Nice… contrast…

  3. KathyB! says:

    I think you’re normal. I feel that way after a day with my own kids! Scientists would be stalking your DNA for the clue to the fountain of youth if you DIDN’T feel that way!!

  4. ck says:

    So if I feel like that after 2 hours with my own kids, what’s gonna be left for grandkids?

  5. faemom says:

    You need caffiene! That’s the only way I get through the day with my kids.

  6. zelzee says:

    I dive for my heating pad after my grandaughters leave!!!

    And remember why God gave me my children when I was young……………

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