If I Were King Of The Forrresst…

I have said before that my granddaughter is doing a play based on The Chronicles of Narnia at our local community theater for children. Well here are some photos of the play. They did 2 performances and the costume lady after having an argument with the director took her costumes and left….1 hour before the show started. There was a mad scramble to improvise as best they could. K. played Aslan and she is supposed to be a lion.

aslan1 I left the red eye in because it looks cool


I will sacrifice myself to the ice queen so I can save Narnia.

aslan3The death of Aslan. Poor Aslan.


The end of the first night.

The second night there was more time to refine the costumes as you can see. I think it looks a little Wizard of Ozish except K. is no cowardly lion.


Next is Hairspray…..


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10 Responses to If I Were King Of The Forrresst…

  1. faemom says:

    She looks great. I’m sure she did great!
    But I’m curious, what was the whole costumer/director’s argument about?

  2. spamwarrior says:

    She’s gorgeous. That’s weird with the costume lady leaving at all. Makes you wonder.

  3. '75 says:

    ok this is what happened…..during the first performance of High School Musical the week before, the costume lady stopped the play in middle of the kids performing to let someone know that they had a visitor near their car(ended up being the police….long story) So the pricipal of the performing arts academy was a little ticked….they had a huge falling out about two days before the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe and the stage manager/costumer was gone. The first night K did a great job, but on Saturday I was told that she was too sexy, and that I needed to make her more “lion like”. That basically means cover up all the parts that god blessed her with. I had about an hour to make a michaels run and that is all I could come with!

    • insider53 says:

      Hey, I think she looks cute and I agree some of the parts needed covering because of the lights. You did a good job working with such limited time. I especially liked the new mane which is what reminded me of the cowardly lion.

  4. ck says:

    She looks fantastic!

    (But if I’m stuck singing that song from Wizard of Oz all night I’m gonna have a bone to pick with you tomorrow Insider53…)

  5. Cat says:

    Good job! She looks great! I bet it was a great play!

  6. Yaya says:

    Seriously???? Took the costumes?? What’s wrong with people!

  7. zelzee says:

    What a great job improvising!!

    she looks great!
    I can’t wait to hear about Hairspray (and see the pics).

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