They Do Grow Up….

c2My son ’88 is is turning 21 today and it seems so strange that my last baby is all grown up. Because of the economy he still lives at home and is more dependent on us than he wants to be, but times are hard and that is the way of things today. He wants to be a successful DJ in the music industry who does massive events for 30,000 or more people at a time. He just got a big break towards making this happen by getting a manager who is well known in the business. I still look back at what a funny little boy he was and how different it was to raise a boy than it was to raise three girls. It was a tough time for him growing up with 3 older sisters who felt it was their mission in life to pick on him and toughen him up. What with the constant threat of swirlies from ’75 and the general mayhem from the other two I am amazed he survived toddler-hood in one piece.

One of my favorite stories about him is when he was 3 and we were walking down the street in Solvang Ca. He was lagging behind a little so his Dad turned to him and said “88 hurry up, shake a leg”. Well he stopped walking and looked down at his feet, picked up the right leg and shook it, then started walking again with the biggest grin on his face because he had done it right, just the way Daddy said too. We laughed so hard we cried.

As a kid he loved to watch Power Rangers, collect Pokemon, and played video games like a professional. He is a young man still flexing his “what’s life all about” muscles and trying to figure out his next move. Welcome to adulthood ’88 you finally made it, in spite of the swirlies, your fear of the smoke detector, and 3 older sisters plotting against you. This then is my handsome son ’88 also known as DJ (Jay)B, whose DJ name has nothing to do with his real name, but apparently it sounds cooler.


He always loved hats.

c + dadLike Father like son.

C. poseThe comedian.


Girls were crazy about him then and thought he was so cute. They still do.

Singing “Take On Me” by Ah Ha at his sister ’79’s wedding last year. That is ’80 playing trombone in the background, her husband was on trumpet(not pictured) and my brother in-law was on keyboard with a few close friends filling out the band for this one song. It was his wedding present to her and it was amazing.88 singing

He hits that high note.

c sings

One of my favorite photos. ’80 and ’88 with no bunny ears to ruin it.

'80 and '88

And finally DJ (Jay)B so serious about his work that I know he will succeed.

 DJ (Jay)B

Happy Birthday ’88 have a great time today

love, Mom.


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13 Responses to They Do Grow Up….

  1. ck says:

    Happy Birthday, ’88! It takes forever to get to 21, but the years fly from here on out. Enjoy them.

  2. Stesha says:

    Happy Birthday \’88! Cheers to your future!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. '75 says:

    I’ll let you know you were threatened about age 6, not as a toddler. I always felt it was the best way to keep the naughty little monkey honest!

    Happy Birthday my little \”big\” brother……..Rock on!

  4. Elisa says:

    Oh wow! Happy birthday! He’s so handsome! And he looks so driven, I bet he’ll get exactly where he wants to get :-)

    BTW, what a lovely gift, singing Take On Me live!!

  5. zelzee says:

    Happy Birthday ’88!
    I just love this post………reminds me so much of my own son……..those years seem to fly, don’t they?

    If he holds tight to his dreams he will certainly succeed. Wishing him a wonderful future!!

  6. clair says:

    Happy Birthday ’88, good post

  7. Yaya says:

    Happy Birthday to your baby! Cute story!

  8. KathyB! says:

    This is a beautiful post. You inspire me to stop clinging to time to make it stand still and to just enjoy the moment.

    I hope ’88 had a fabulous birthday and many more to come :)

  9. Storm says:

    Thanks for sharing a part of your son with us. Happy birthday. Toot toot.

  10. faemom says:

    Wonderful post. Great pictures.
    Happy be-lated birthday, 88! Wait, he’s probably still sleeping, isn’t he?

  11. spamwarrior says:

    Haha… he’s cute =) Happy birthday to him!

  12. Gibby says:

    Happy Birthday, 88!
    What a sweet post. I love the shake the leg story.

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