Look What I Found: Backgrounds….

I have found some new places to play and feed my need to change backgrounds. If you are wordpress.com or blogspot these will work for you. They are free but leave the ladies a comment or 2 on their blogs and tell them how you feel. Oh the fun I am going to have.

Penny Duncan Creations:

These backgrounds are lovely representations of old world and vintage country designs. They have a faded, pale but charming look to them. You can’t go wrong whichever one you choose. She has also created matching headers for each background but it would be hard to use the headers on wordpeess.com blogs. Penny Duncan Creations



Hot Bliggity Blog:

These designs work very well with wordpress.com blogs. There are many 3 column designs and so many choices of great backgrounds. They are easy to install, just copy and paste the code into your stylesheet. There are so many lovely designs here that you could change your background to a different design every day for the next 4 months. Your background will never be boring with Hot Bliggity Blogs Designs. Give them a try.




Izzie Grace Designs:

These are a little more difficult to use but not too much. You have to copy and paste the url into the code she gives you for your stylesheet, that’s all. I also love the name Izzy Grace. Her backgrounds are cute, fun and kitschy. She also has a lot of seasonal backgrounds, especially Christmas. These are also free backgrounds.

Izzie Grace Blog Backgrounds




Blogger Boutique:

That’s right, I found a new place to get backgrounds. It is called Blogger Boutique. She does custom designs but has a few free backgrounds you can play with. Once again they were not meant for wordpress.com but they work just fine. I still have a problem with the frames but I really like that some of them look like suede. The other designs are very nice as well. I have included 2 of her designs below. Give her a look and try them out, maybe she will be inspired to make more for wordpress.com blogs.

Custom Blog Design



Dotty Dot Dot Designs:

There are so many designs here at Dotty Dot Dot Designs you could spend all day trying them out. They are free and she does a lot of 3 column designs. She has outstanding colors in her backgrounds, it is like a crayola palette. Check her out, you will be amazed, I certainly was. Below are just a few of her designs. They all work on wordpress if you have the css upgrade. She even has a red one called Vampire, how cool is that.




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11 Responses to Look What I Found: Backgrounds….

  1. Really pretty backgrounds! Thanks for sharing them

  2. Ink says:

    Oh, Robin, your blog looks great! Nice! (I went off and did some experimenting yesterday, too, after the Background Fairy one worked.) Thanks for showing me the ropes.

    I have a question for you: how do you make the Press Row background so that you don’t get box color differentiation on my links or beneath posts? If I use a different color, like you did, those don’t change and look weird. (Also, is it possible to just make the center column nontransparent, like with Vigilance, which sets itself on top of the background and doesn’t change?)

  3. Ink says:

    Ok, I messed around with the style sheet and figured out how to get rid of the box color differentiation. I think, anyway. :) But still wondering if it’s possible to make the whole center column nontransparent? Thanks, Robin!

  4. KathyB! says:

    WoW! You find all the goodies! I want to add a more vibrant background but the edges are always so big that it leaves me a small spot for text… and I think I write too much and people come to the blog and go, “Oh, crap!” and leave because there’s too much writing… but if it’s spread out it doesn’t look like so much.

    Somebody told me that once and I’ve been intimidated to do backgrounds and increase the look of the lenght of my writing since then….

  5. spamwarrior says:

    Those look scrapbook style… really pretty! I like the look of this one better than the last one you had.

  6. Ashlie says:

    You said such nice things, I don’t even know what to say. Thanks for the highlight in your blog post!

    Dotty Dot Dot FREE Blogger Backgrounds

  7. faemom says:

    It looks great!

    And one day I hope to be as talented and cool as you to do this to my blog.

  8. '75 says:

    Some of the examples look scrapbook worthy…..for like labels and such.

  9. Yaya says:

    Awesome! Lee made my background (for free!)


  10. Arlene says:

    The backgrounds are all so lovely I’m spoiled for choice

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