We Went To The Fair pt. 1….

This was to have been the post on 9/30/09 if not for the fires. It is a 2 part post about our trip to the fair on the 29th. So here it is although it seems a little trivial now.

Our annual fair is in town so I took the grand-kids and what a good time we had. ’75 and ’88 came along too, which added to the fun. I love the fair, especially the food but this year my favorite food vendor was not there. What’s up with that Aussie Fries, where were you? We had a date and you didn’t show, not acceptable. Aussie Fries are potatoes sliced thickly like chips and then battered and deep fried. You have several choices of dipping sauce, yum. You gotta love the Australians for this one except when they are a no show. Oh well, I guess I can console myself with shaved ice and kettle corn.

What the fair is all about

B likes to play a little game with me. It is called “you can’t take a nice picture of me grandma, ha ha” Well I kept at it face after face until “Ha Ha yes I can”.

B's face 6 B's face3 B's face 7

B's face 1 B's face 2 B'face8

B's face gotchaGotcha!


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8 Responses to We Went To The Fair pt. 1….

  1. Ashlie says:

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  2. ymk says:

    How adorable is that!
    Its that age and something about being a boy I think, that they don’t like the camera too much.

  3. faemom says:

    I always say you got to keep the bad ones of kids because they’re so adorable, no matter what.
    You’re an awesome Grandma to take your grandkids to the fair!

  4. Look at that face! You made him a happy little guy, Grandma! You rock.

  5. Isn’t it wild, how life gets in the way and something that was so significant at the time gets shuffled away when something bigger happens? I’m glad you posted your part 2. Because in the end, time spent with family and friends is all that matters.

    (P.S. So glad you all are ok, though. I’ve been thinking of you.)

  6. Ink says:

    Hi R: Hope that you are all taking care over there. Thinking about you and the fires and hoping that you’re staying safe!

    Adorable pics of your gson, btw. Just awesome.

    And yes, I’d love to know how to make those work with our blogs! You can see my email with this post, right? Maybe that would be easier? Thanks so much for the offer.

  7. Ink says:

    (I meant easier than posting on each other’s comment fields. Sorry: am distracted with all the chaos going on.)

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