Small Worlds….

Disney mini store 1When we went to the fair there were also crafts. This is the one that fascinated me the most. The category was miniatures. The details in this Disney Store replica blew me away. Everything is to scale. The store is in a clear box and is approximately 14 in. wide x 10 in. deep. Needless to say it won Best in Show. My daughter ’75 who is a big Disney fan would love to buy this. The hours put into this must be astounding. Every little detail is carved or made by hand. Sorry about the reflection from the glass case. I know it makes them look out of focus.

mini store amazing

You can see the whole case here and get a sense of its true size or lack there of.

mini store 2

All the figurines including the castle in the lower right hand corner are made to scale.


mini store winner and creatorThe artist and winner Michol Zaas. This was truly something special.


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12 Responses to Small Worlds….

  1. ymk says:

    oh wow, this thing IS very tempting. I don’t blame your daughter.

  2. That is amazingly beautiful. I am a HUGE Disney fan (my daughter calls me Disney Dork). The pictures you shared are fabulous! Thank you!

  3. KathyB! says:

    Wow. That takes some serious skill and attention to detail. He surely deserved that win.

  4. faemom says:

    Wow! That’s crazy. I can’t imagine how long that took. I’m a sucker for minatures. I like getting lost in tiny worlds.

  5. mbowman7 says:

    That is amazing. I can’t imagine the time and patience it took him to create such detail.

  6. Tracy says:

    Oh my gosh! That is incredible!

  7. submom says:

    Oh, my. At first I thought the miniatures were “in” the store so I was looking very hard at all the tiny things. Then I realized that the “store” itself was the miniature… Amazing!

  8. michol zaas says:

    thank you, thank you so much, this was the first time I’ve entered anything. I was just hoping people would like it. I didn’t think i’d win. I’m missed the fair due to having the west nile vires. The hospital just wouldn’t let me go. Thank you for the nice comments. Michol Zaas

  9. Terri Smith says:

    I was told about this blog that you wrote by Mr. Zaas, “Mickey” to his friends, Like written in here he DID bust his A.. doing the beautiful job he did! Then he took it to the fair to be judged and as he had been feeling ill when it was dropped off he went to his Doctor, who discovered he had the West Nile Virus, and was sadly in the HOSPITAL the ENTIRE time of the FAIR.He went in the day things to be judged and displayed and the fair started the next day! The day of the fair before I went to see him in the hospital I went by the fair to see how he placed and when I saw the FIRST place AND a BLUE RIBBON! I took some pictures and had them printed and took those to him, hoping he would feel better, He was released the day the items displayed HAD to be picked up!
    And the one that he is putting in this year is BEAUTIFUL! Not Disneyland a CLASSY room with working lights and a working (lights up) fire place! And a garden that I would LOVE to be 2 inches tall and visit! He has really worked hard on these, he sadly returned to the hospital for pneumonia just 2 weeks after being released!
    He works on these as much as he can.
    This is something he really enjoys, I think that can be seen!

  10. Andrew says:

    Congrats Sport! It’s me, Andrew!

  11. Terri Smith says:

    For Michol Zaas fans he is BACK with three this year, at the Antelope Valley fair which starts this year NEXT week on Friday Aug.20th. THREE more minitures that show his amazing TALENT!
    Lf you can come see his amazing work. Last year he was in the hospital the entire length of the fair and never saw his work on display!

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