I Actually Won!

I never win anything except this one time in vacation bible school when I was 8. I won a pin of the 0f the ten commandents. I wanted the red bible but this boy (Paul Dell) and I tied for learning the most bible verses. They gave him the bible because he was a boy and I wasn’t. I am not bitter though, not much anyway. It is a young age to learn people value you less because your a girl.

Back to the point. I won a free header from Dotty Dot Dot Designs. Yay! me. Well anyway she sent me 5 different ones of various colors, neat huh. So thank you to Ashlie for being so nice, I intend to try out all 5 and I will be using her backgrounds all week. Everyone check out her free backgrounds and leave her a comment.


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Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Writer, Voracious Reader, and so much more.
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11 Responses to I Actually Won!

  1. ymk says:

    Congrats!! So happy for you.
    And how crazy is that about that boy getting the Bible and not you. Maybe they thought he needed it more? Just a thought :)

    • insider53 says:

      Nope it was 1962 and when I asked why I was told it was because he was a boy and it was more inportant that he win. I was supposed to be satisfied with second place even though it was a tie.

      • ymk says:

        That is just not fair. I would be bitter too if it were me. I get upset when my girls are expected to do or not do something just because they are girls. Its a cruel world.

  2. Ink says:

    Hooray! That’s great because I know you have design fever (like me). :D Enjoy the goodies; you deserve ’em.

  3. Ink says:

    Btw, if you want to have just the new header showing (with your blog title), then go to Dashboard/Settings and delete your blog title where it’s listed with the subtitle.

    Then your blog will only show on the pretty designed header that you uploaded. :)

    • insider53 says:

      Thanks Ink but I am afraid to remove it. The header doesn’t have a link attached to it and search engines wouldn’t be able to find me, at least I don’t think so. Maybe the could since it is my domain name.

  4. faemom says:

    Congratulations on winning! It looks awesome.
    I think I would be bitter. I’m still bitter for my English teaching calling me a cheater when my group one a word shuffle of a quote from Shakespeare. Is it my fault I read it a year before for fun and decided to memorize a speech?
    Ok, yeah, I’m just a bitter person.

  5. KathyB! says:

    HOORAY!!! I won something today :) Good fortune must be in the air… I keep hoping to win a full bloggy make-over, but it just never happens.

  6. I applaud you on your win!! Congrats!

    I rarely win things either, but when I do, I cannot believe it!

  7. Ashlie says:

    Thank you for your kind words, you are awesome! Have fun blogging (of course you will, silly me).

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