This Explains It….

Lately on my facebook I have been playing farming games. Now I am not the farming type. In fact I am known far and wide for my brown thumb. So why was I drawn to these games that seem so far away from anything to do with me? What was the source of my fascination? Then I found this.

robin on the tractor

Yep! that’s me sitting on my papa’s tractor.


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11 Responses to This Explains It….

  1. mbowman7 says:

    Hehehe….how darn cute.

  2. kathryn says:

    This is such a cool photo!!! How is the farming going?? I could never get into the Facebook farming – it was all too complicted – I’m sure real farming must be easier!!!!

    • insider53 says:

      I didn’t think I would like it in the beginning and only did it to please a friend. But the more I did it the more I liked it and now I am hooked. I am working very hard to get a farmhouse but for now I sleep in the barn I guess. :D

  3. I’ll bet you look so cute in your overalls, too! I got hooked, too, farming on Facebook. But then school started and I barely have time for blogging now. But that Farm game is addictive. I used to say to my husband, “Gotta go check out the back 40!” He’d just roll his eyes. Glad you’re having fun! It’s a great “mind candy” kind of game.

  4. Lovely photo………..See, loads of talent from childhood. Well done

  5. Gibby says:

    hahaha, cute! It seems as if everyone on FB is playing that farm thing. What is it? Is it worth it?

    • insider53 says:

      I get a lot of satisfaction from it. I find it relaxing and calming. You can control and design your world so maybe that is why I like it. Everybody knows I’m a control nut.

  6. faemom says:

    Cute! That explains everything.

  7. '75 says:

    The happy aquarium game is better though you have to admit!

  8. Yaya says:


    I refuse to get sucked into the Farmville phenomena!

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