Child In The Middle….

This is for my daughter ’79 who turns 30 today. I wrote it several years ago for a different birthday but I think it is worth reprinting for today. I can hardly believe it, I have 2 children in their thirties now. She was the Punky Brewster in the family. Artistic and daring to be different, especially with her socks. She sang her own songs before she could talk and loved music right from the start. It’s no wonder she chose music as her life’s endeavor. She has her first concert as a conductor this Friday at San Diego State University and I know we all wish her good luck.

'79 baby

Child in the Middle

Child in the middle looking for a place to fit

Pounding square pegs into round holes

Mismatched socks, awkward soul.

I wanted to write you a song

But I couldn’t find the notes

So I taught you to find your own notes

And you did.

They may be different from everyone elses

But they are your own

Beautiful and unique like you.

You have learned to write your own song of life

It’s music enriches everyone who hears

You have made your own place to fit

Awkward soul no more.

I wanted to write you a poem

But I couldn’t find the words

I hope these will do.

You are loved and we are proud

Happy Birthday….

Now lets talk about those socks.


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15 Responses to Child In The Middle….

  1. Oh, your love for her comes out so fiercely in this poem! I love it!

  2. ymk says:

    Aah these will do for sure! Love this poem, Brought a tear to me eye.

  3. 79 says:

    Thank you for the following:
    Telling me that I was perfect the way I am and not ever to change, telling me I was beautiful when everyone else would tell me the opposite and not ever to believe them, supporting my crazy socks, wild dreams, lofty ideas and my career in music when most parents would demand something profitable and safe, encouraging me to be strong and stick to my gut when the going got tough, being a wonderful mother and friend for all those many, many times I felt alone, and telling me to not ever allow people to dictate who I am.

    Thank you Momma, I was always proud to be your daughter and I’ll love you forever!

    • insider53 says:

      “telling me to not ever allow people to dictate who I am”

      I’ve come to discover that this includes me as well. And that’s as it should be.
      Happy Birthday, love ya more! :D

  4. katewarren says:

    Your poem is lovely but what your daughter wrote is even more – you must be such a special mum! well done!!

  5. ck says:

    I hope my girls and I someday have what you and your daughters have.

    (And what a beautiful photograph.)

  6. 80 says:

    You know she cried like a wee baby when she read this….lol. You always have a way of doing that.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful story and poem. Happy Birthday daughter ’79!

  8. Oh my goodness. I was so touched by the poem. And I eagerly clicked on the comments section so I could tell you so. And then I read the beautiful response from ’79, and then the one from ’80 and I teared up. You all have such a beautiful relationship with one another. And I’m feeling so touched that you’ve let us all have a peek at your special bond.

  9. faemom says:

    Beautiful. I hope she did well at her concert.
    You’re a great mom.

  10. mbowman7 says:

    That’s beautiful.

  11. Ink says:

    I bet your daughter LOVED that poem. It’s lovely.

  12. Gibby says:

    Geez, between your poem and your daughter’s comments, I am a mess now!

  13. Kids Music says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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