Les Miserables Update…..

Well K auditioned for Les Miserables and got a callback for the role of Madame Thenadier and guess what……..she got it. She was the youngest one trying out and I was concerned this would be a problem but I have never been happier to be wrong. It won’t open until sometime next year but I will keep you updated. Oh! she is also thrilled that she gets to curse in the song but can’t quiet figure out how to play a drunk. “Have you ever been drunk Grandma?” she asked me. Oh the stories I could tell, but that will have to wait until she is a little older because some of Grandma’s secrets should stay secret.


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6 Responses to Les Miserables Update…..

  1. faemom says:

    Well, Grandma can have a bit of excitment in her life; it’s the parents that were angels. ;-)

  2. Lol! Yes, I agree you probably should keep a few secrets. But congratulations to your granddaughter! What fun!

  3. Oh my god! Mme Thernandier is such a fun, juicy part! How thrilling for her!

  4. ourprivateblog says:

    Well done!!!!

  5. LisaF says:

    It’s best not to shatter her “grandma” bubble just yet! Wait until she’s in college, then she’ll love the stories! Mom won’t so much, but she will. :-)

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