Friday Soapbox: Un-Hired! Are You Kidding Me…..

My son ’88 was so thrilled when he got a job recently. He is a DJ and doing very well but not getting paid very well yet. He looked for a long time because there are not many jobs out there. We live in a small town and opportunity’s are few and far between. It was not a great job, but it was a job and it would pay his bills until the DJ-ing takes off. He had to be interviewed twice and a third time on the phone. He was told he had the job and he should come in for orientation at the end of the week. No problem, right! In the meantime they asked him to come in and work half a day without pay because their computers were down and they couldn’t file his paperwork until later. He wanted the job so he said okay, even though I told him it wasn’t legal. During the interview they had asked him some very personal questions like sexual orientation and did he have a girlfriend that would object to him working with women. He bought the clothes they told him he would need and worked the pay-free day. He was excited to start work in a few days. He knew he had a lot to learn but they said he would learn everything in training once he started. The day before he was supposed to start the manager called him and said that it wasn’t working out and that there wouldn’t be time to train him, that because of the holidays they would be too busy. She un-hired him. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

This is the part where I name names. The retail store where he should be working is “The Body Shop”. They don’t have time to train him to rub lotion on customers. They don’t have time to train him to do makeovers. They. don’t. Have. Time. Well if she didn’t have time why did she hire him in the first place. What about his time. What about the other interviews he turned down because she hired him. What about the money he spent on clothes he no longer needs. What about the half day he worked for free. This whole thing is a big pile of steaming elephant crap as far as I’m concerned. I don’t get it. How could someone be so damned unprofessional. How could someone hurt my kid with so little regard. He’s a grown man but I’m still his Mother and I would like to take her out behind the woodshed and throw down. I am one of the most non-violent people I know but you mess with my kid and I swear I will take you out if I get the opportunity. Now he is back looking for a job but most of the seasonal work has already been hired so it doesn’t look good. Thank you Body Shop. Thank you heartless, should be fired, bitch of a manager for un-hiring my son after wasting his time for 2 weeks. Thank you for your holiday spirit. I know one place I won’t be shopping this year……. say it with me “The Body Shop”


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14 Responses to Friday Soapbox: Un-Hired! Are You Kidding Me…..

  1. ourprivateblog says:

    That’s appalling – I am so sorry for your son and hope he finds something else soon – and …..just for the record – I won’t be shopping there anymore!!!

  2. Gibby says:

    That just down right STINKS.
    Un-hired? Is that even a word?

  3. Ooooh, I’m feeling all Mama Bear, and ’88 isn’t even my kid! I can assure you that I won’t shop there ever again. Assholery!

  4. '75 says:

    You need to contact the labor board so they get a huge fine. Hitting them in the pocket might get the companies attention and maybe the mgr. Will get “unhired” too. I would also contact the regional office and inform them that what they did was illegal and you plan to take action because of the free half day. Also the interview questions…. Those are illegal too. Take them to small claims court for potiential earnings from the holiday he will not get, and the other positions potientially turned down down to accepting this position that are no longer available. Mommabear, you can certainally put the hurt on them if you choose as they have left themselves wide open. Start with the regional office and labor board.

  5. '75 says:

    Ps have him go into bath and body an apply for stock or customer service position. He will get treated right and they hire like 20 people for Xmas if it isn’t too late.

  6. '88 THE DJ says:

    The thing is Mom and sis, and this is the first time I’ve written, I don’t really wanna go far with everything. All the legal crap, I’m not down. Yeah, asking me about my sexual preference was pushing a line (which I’m talking to an amazing girl right now so screw them) but I have too much going on that’s good for me that I don’t want the drama or all the legal issues. So, if you want to beat the hell out of her go ahead, I don’t hit girls. I will say one thing……when someone like that calls you to tell you some news like that, it does suck really bad…..but when they call you DURING A SET (while I was DJ-ing) that’s a whole new story. Body Shop so not worth it this season. LOL

  7. '75 says:

    I would do it for the money that you could have earned, and the fact that it was illegal to make you work for free. I wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone else…. Plus the time wasted that you could have gotten another job earlier in the end. They don’t learn unless you make them pay. $$$$.

  8. Yaya says:

    What?? That is a load of crap. Wow. Stupid Body Shop.

  9. '75 says:

    Ok, everyone make a pact….. No shopping there for the holidays. Only bath and body works if you gotta. How about that?

  10. carol says:

    Wow! That is crap. I’ve got two sons (ages 20 and 18) both working retail this holiday season. Luckily, other than working them like dogs, nothing as bad as that has happened to them. The older one worked two years ago at a certain store that is associated with the color red and big red dots, THAT job was insane and he ended up not staying at it very long. It makes my blood just boil at how this company’s do business and treat their employee’s. The red store stayed juuuuuuuust legal enough that there was nothing anyone could do about it.

  11. faemom says:

    ’75 beat me, but that’s what I get for coming in late. I know ’88 doesn’t want to cause waves, but the labor board should know about this. They may even compensate him. And if that doesn’t interest him, tell him that he’s probably not the only one that they took advantage of and will again unless stopped. The CA labor board take this stuff very seriously.

  12. And I’m with Fae. Please report this, ’88. It’s not so much about causing waves as it is protecting the next unsuspecting “un-hired” person. ‘Cause you KNOW it’s going to happen again.

  13. Lisa Fischer says:

    I’m with ’75 in reporting them. ’88 needs to do that on his own since he was the party that was “wronged.” The Better Business Bureau could also be contacted (for what that’s worth). Behavior like that is unprofessional and inexcusable. Negative word of mouth is perhaps the most powerful tool in your box. Bad press is very hard for a company to overcome if it’s done objectively. Unfortunately this experience is a hard lesson learned, but ’88 is smarter and wiser because of it now.

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