Reflections From My Journal….

What a day. Must be the wind because my mind keeps going to the strangest places. Life is a journey. Life has a beginning, birth, and an end, death. As we get older we see the end and it flies toward us at tremendous speed while in a strange juxtaposition we slow down and the path seems longer and more tortuous. Our bodies hurt and our minds betray us. But what of our emotions and our hearts. I think our hearts break because of all the loss and emotional turmoil we have suffered, especially in our older years. I think our emotions wear out because of years of use, one thing piled on top of another, and abuse by ourselves and our friends and families. Finally there is just no more room for anything significant and we start to flow over like an overfilled cup. We break down and become shadows of who we use to be. We watch the ones we love leave us one by one until we are the last of our group, waiting, waiting to follow. Life is a journey we have no choice but to take so we hang on for the ride.


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3 Responses to Reflections From My Journal….

  1. faemom says:

    Robin, I’d like to thank you for crushing my good mood. Completely crushing it. And reminding me of my darkest, nameless fear. I think I’m going to go curl up with my teddy bear.

  2. julz says:

    really cool mind.. :D
    haha. mine don’t really produce sensible thoughts like this one..

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