Easter Blues….

Tomorrow is Easter and boy did it sneak up on me. We use to celebrate big….when the kids were little. We would dye and hide eggs and have a prize for finding the special egg….when the kids were little. The family would gather and talk and eat a holiday meal….when the kids were little.

Now the kids are not so little and we just don’t gather anymore. No holiday ham, no special eggs. It’s almost as though it isn’t even Easter. The day will come in a burst of very nice weather I am told but that will be the only fanfare. Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection and the Covenant that God made with man. I continue to celebrate this quietly and internally but I miss “when the kids were little”


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1 Response to Easter Blues….

  1. 79 says:

    Well, I remember those days, so much fun! I still have the little blue bunny basket you made for me all those years ago. (wooden bunny, hand painted in the toll style)
    Now that your future holds many little grandchildren, you can create new memories with them, we are all for that and your yummy ham! (even the glaze…)LOL!

    Love you Mom, happy Easter!


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