A Day To Remember: May 2, 1975….

Today is the birthday of my first born…my daughter ’75. I sent her a text because that is how we communicate at the moment. I miss her and wish I could share this day with her but that is not possible for now.

It was a special day….a day of joy. The baby was coming and I was scared to death. I had never had a baby before. I didn’t know how to be a Mom. What was I thinking. How was I going to get through this….like I had a choice at this point. I was so young, only 20 years old. I had you in a catholic hospital surrounded by nuns who spoke no English. Your father was not allowed to be with me and had to stay in the waiting room because that was the way of things in 1975. I was alone….but not really because you were there too and probably just as scared as I was.

The experience of birth is shared by Mother and child. It is not an easy thing for either. You begin by sharing a journey of 9 months. Growing and changing. Everything new, unexpected and yet fulfilling in a way that surprises you. You are uncomfortable, often painfully, vomiting, exhausted, but somehow in spite of all that you are happy. So very happy.

So today I will remember that happiness and hold it close. It was a good day and I celebrate it with you. Happy Birthday my daughter.


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3 Responses to A Day To Remember: May 2, 1975….

  1. Arlene says:

    As the mother of two daughters I can empathise with your feelings, I was 21 when I had my first, and it was a difficult birth and I was scared, but the years have passed almost 53 of them since then, and I feel the pain and hard work and of being a Mum was well worth it, I am lucky in having a good relationship with both girls

  2. Lisa says:

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I don’t think any woman, regardless of age, is totally prepared when they lay that tiny creature in her arms.

  3. faemom says:

    Beautiful post.

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