I Remember That Day….

A new theory I saw on a TV program about who shot JFK just floored me, but it is probably the truth. It certainly is crazy enough to be what happened and it would explain the cover up feeling to the whole thing. It was an accident! If this is true it would be a cosmic joke on the universe. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it. The new investigator says the evidence shows that Oswald shot twice, he missed once and then hit the president in the throat. The third bullet, which killed him came not from Oswald but from the chase car following the president. He believes that the agent picked up the rifle after the first shot to scan and shoot back but that he fell when the car lurched forward accidentally discharging the rifle. This would be the shot that hit the president in the head killing him. Everything that followed after was a cover up including the Warren commission.

I lived in Fort Worth and I was 8 years old and truthfully it changed me forever. The concept that you could kill a president in 1963 was so foreign to me that I couldn’t speak of it for many years. I know my childhood ended that day as it did for many other kids. My parents were divorced and I did not have a close relationship with my Father so I looked on the president as not only the “father of our country” but as my father in a weird sort of way. I think many children did because he was a Dad with two young children as well as president. It was also the first and only time I saw my Aunt and my Mother openly weeping.

I think it’s time we finally let the President rest in peace and move on. It is a part of our country’s history and history is where it should remain not annually on our TV sets with multiple conspiracy theory’s. We will never know what really happened and maybe we are not supposed to know. Let him be remembered instead for how he lived his life and not for the tragedy of his death.


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