The Great And Powerful Mechanical Contrivium…

This was a fun one so I thought I would re-post it, enjoy!

passions and soapboxes

Robin's Trivialities

I was reading The World According to Me, Kathy B’s blog yesterday and she had already done this and it was so funny of course I had to do it too. Kathy B. says she got the idea from Inktopia for you to put your name into The Mechanical Contrivium that then pops out trivia about you. It makes no sense but is just hilarious. These are the 10 top trivial things (more information than you probably wanted to know) about me, robin.

Ten Top Trivia Tips About Robin

It’s bad luck to whistle near robin!

It might startle me and then I would kick you…hard. That might be called bad luck.

Robin is the sacred animal of Thailand.

Does this mean if I go to Thailand they will throw me a parade. I could wear a sash that says “The Sacred Robin “.

There are now more than…

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