Women’s Equality Day or National Dog Day….

Interesting that it’s Women’s Equality Day today but it’s also National Dog Day too……hmm…. I wonder who thought this up! I love my dogs and I’m thankful for them everyday.. but women marched, fought, were jailed, were beaten, were forcibly fed and died to have the simple right to vote, own property, not be property and they are still fighting for that equality today. Those women earned this day with their blood, sweat and tears and deserve to be honored and remembered. Now dogs are cute, lovable, loyal and could have any other day, but this day…. this one day belongs to those brave women, wives, mothers, grandmothers who stood up and  changed the world to become a part of history because they saw the value in being a WOMAN! I remember you! I honor you! I thank you for your struggle so that I might have a better life!




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