Losing a parent sucks forever, period….

grief2Have you ever picked up the phone to call someone because you just had to talk to them? In the middle of dialing you realize that they’re dead and have been for sometime. The grief wells up and you miss them so much you scream at the injustice of it all. Your brain is tricky and just can’t wrap around a great loss so it plays games with you. This sucks! The rest of your day is ruined but you can’t share your feelings because you feel like an idiot and no one will understand. They will tell you things like “let it go already” or “gee its been a long time, shouldn’t you be over it by now” Yeah right ! You never get over the death of a parent . That loss, that pain never goes away and only if you’ve experienced it can you understand that. So for all of you who haven’t lost a parent, have some compassion for those of us who have because someday your going to need ours.


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2 Responses to Losing a parent sucks forever, period….

  1. octnov says:

    Well, I think the idea of “Get over it” is wrong. All you can do is get on with it, in a forward motion. No use standing still. Just keep swimming….

  2. ls_ma@msn.com says:

    Just keep swimming!, Just keep swimming!, swimming, swimming……lol. I love Ellen, er I mean Dory.

    Thus is Life!!! now remind me that I said this when it is my darkest hour.

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