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The Great And Powerful Mechanical Contrivium…

Originally posted on passions and soapboxes:
I was reading The World According to Me, Kathy B’s blog yesterday and she had already done this and it was so funny of course I had to do it too. Kathy B. says…

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I Remember That Day….

A new theory I saw on a TV program about who shot JFK just floored me, but it is probably the truth. It certainly is crazy enough to be what happened and it would explain the cover up feeling to … Continue reading

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Woman Working….

For 40 years I have been a woman working as opposed to a working woman. Few people have even noticed what I do and even fewer have given me credit for doing something worthwhile. I work 24 hours a day. … Continue reading

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The Actual End Of The Rainbow….

I wonder if the homeowners know.          

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