Whatever happened to Dr. Murphy

doctor 1950'sDr. Murphy was our family doctor when I was a child. He did everything, there were no specialist then. He delivered me and was still there to hold my Grandfather’s hand as he left this world. If you called him in the middle of the night and left a message with his service he called you back within 20 minutes. When was the last time you could do that. He knew you and your whole family by name plus your medical history. You knew this man cared about you and he never made you feel you were wasting his time. He could just look at you and diagnose what was wrong without a lot of unnecessary but expensive tests. He didn’t send you to other doctors, he didn’t have too. Dr. Murphy was a gentle man who cared more for his patients than getting rich. Even after he retired and was in his 70’s he still saw his elderly patients in their homes and made sure he had samples of their medications that they could not otherwise afford. This was a hero in the truest sense of the word. This is the doctor we all want today but like the dinosaurs he no longer exists. Instead what we have are HMO’s and doctors with so many patients that they have no idea who you are from one visit to the next. They can’t diagnose anything without a slew of expensive tests that have to be given by other doctors and then still more doctors have to determine the results and then report their findings to your doctor. So he doesn’t really diagnose at all. Doctors have become so specialized that it takes a team of them to determine anything. As for caring about their patients, they are taught in med school to detach and that not getting involved will make them a better doctor. When asked why they became a doctor, most will reply “the money and prestige”. The number of doctors that reply “to help people and save lives” is dwindling at a fast rate. There are so many mistakes made by doctors today that the insurance companies couldn’t afford the malpractice suits so they lobbied for control of how much money a doctor could be sued for and won. Yes there is now a dollar amount on what your life is worth and it isn’t much. Doctors each take an oath and “First do no harm” is at the top of that oath, unfortunately many do more harm than good. This is why doctors are no longer my heroes. So the next time your sitting all alone in an emergency room because it’s after office hours and it takes you 20 hours on average to be seen, ask yourself “Whatever happened to Dr. Murphy.”


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4 Responses to Whatever happened to Dr. Murphy

  1. This makes me sad -_-

    Every where I turn it makes feel like I’ve missed out on all the simple little things that I would have apreciated.

    Think about it. The only thing I enjoy about my generation is the technology. Now no one cares about people, just money. ESPECIALLY in medical.

    This (like i said before) makes me sad.

    • insider53 says:

      Yes it is sad but there is a lot of good in your generation too. Remember you are more than your technology so learn to use it for good. It is through your generation that we will clean the planet and someone your age right now will grow up and be part of the first manned flight crew to Mars. One of your generation may cure cancer or become the president that defines the nation by bringing peace to the middle east. Your generation is our hope, our guiding light for tomorrow. Be proud of who you are and the generation you are a part of and help others to believe that together you can create miracles. Look forward, do not live in the past, instead create the future you want to live in. Be hopeful I know I am.

  2. Well i guess so, but that is not what i mean when I say that (besides the technology part) Every thing from movies to music, to books, to medical care is shamefully comercialized and we just take it. There ARE some of us who don’t but not enough. I know some of those people who just accept it and it makes me afraid about our future.

    I’m a bit of a pessimistic so there’s not much I can say about the hope of the future but I can still hope.

    By my later posts I just mean that every one takes the sentimental stuff for granted and now……suddenly we don’t have it anymore; and it sucks because some of us would apreciate then just take it for granted now.

  3. insider53 says:

    I understand completely and there were a lot of great things in the 50’s and 60’s. But you have to remember what it was like for women and people of color when I was little. When we look back it is always with sentimental eyes. This means we overlook the darker, not so nice things that we don’t wish to see. The mind is a funny thing and it only likes to remember the nice memories when it’s being sentimental. Do not be discouraged, there are more people in this world that feel like you do than you know. Remember “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”(Shakespeare) People are basically good when given the chance and we are not out numbered by the crazies yet. I think we can take the best of the past and use it to make the future brighter more…. retro ha! ha!

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