Jack And The Dryer…

I am re-posting today because I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted to say. This is one of my very first post and very few of you have read it, so it made sense to choose this one.  I have re-worked it a little bit.

Do you have a crazy animal in your family? I do, in fact I have several. But the one I am telling you about today is Jack, a Cocker Spaniel/Jack Russell mix. Big brown eyes and a tubby little body on long skinny legs, that’s Jack. His full name is Jack Flash but we never use that anymore because, well look at him, he is not fast or energetic.

We have one of those upright dryers on a pedestal and Jack can open it. Yes, you heard me, Jack the dog can open the dryer. He also climbs in and lays on the warm clean (use to be hair free) clothes. He even climbed in and pooped there one rainy day which was so not cool. What is his fascination with the dryer? Got to give him points for being able to open it without fingers. How many dogs do you know who can do that.

He is also scared of any strange noise including the neighbors pool pump. When he is scared he pants very loudly at the back door leaving a puddle of drool, so gross! He has to have a wubbie blanket to sleep with like a baby. He chews on the blanket until it is just shreds and then continues to fluff the pieces to sleep on. He is a good dog most of the time, but I really wish he would stay out of the dryer and off my laundry. I always seem to get the quirky ones.

He doesn’t like having his picture taken so he hides if he sees the camera.


Originally posted on Feburary 22, 2009

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1 Response to Jack And The Dryer…

  1. 80 says:

    and the dog took a shit in that dryer too!!!!!! Poor 88. I bet his clothes smelled for days…….lol

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