computer idiosyncrasy….

Well, I have been trying to insert a link into my blogroll box for two days and it just won’t do it. Sounds like a foreign language doesn’t it. Computers are suppose to help us but they frustrate me like nothing else can, not even my husband and kids. I enjoy the convenience of paying bills online and you can’t beat it for researching anything from recipes to “what does it mean when my car goes zzrip zerr uh oh”. But honestly it takes longer and longer to accomplish anything unless your processor is in the gigabyte range. Of course mine is only 932 MHz, so I live in the stone age. In today’s economy you can’t afford to by a new computer every year or two, so your forced to learn patience. Have I mentioned I’m not good at patience?


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2 Responses to computer idiosyncrasy….

  1. Well, you should take a computer class, you can even get one on computer dvd and watch them on your computer (which in a way is VERY ironic) I can’t help you with the “blog things” but I can only help you by passing “sign ups” and get to the frickin search engine on that website. “I’ve done it once, or twice like with youtube (I watch videos form jango) and that kind of things.

    But with “Blog things” you are as clueless as I am!

  2. insider53 says:

    Well you had better take a class in school so you can show me then. That way we can both learn.

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