I like President Obama and I believe that he can restore this country if given time to do the job. We have to help support him though, no matter what your politics are, and stop using silly catch phrases like “Obamanation” and “The Obamanator”. The media and his detractors create these names to get your attention. He is the President of the United States and deserves to be respected as such. These phrases undermine who he is and what he is trying to do. I know this nation needs to laugh and yes he has a odd sounding name.  I agree that his name is fun to say because of how it rolls off the tongue. So go ahead… say it, you know you want too. But what kind of light does that present our President to the world in? Will he be taken seriously?….  Wait a minute, it really is fun to say and I do need to laugh more, so maybe we could say it just a little, like once a day. Ohh-baah-maa! …. Ohh-baah-maa! ….OK, maybe twice.


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